A Feasibility Study for Private School Organization and Operation Model

  • Wu, Sou-Shan (PI)

Project: Ministry of CultureMinistry of Culture Commission Research

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Private schools have been constantly playing an important role in worldwide higher (college/university) education system for a long time. They not only provide variety educational choices for public but also help government reduce financial burden on educational investment. However, in comparison to foreign private schools which have significant contributions to education and research, the domestic private schools subject to laws and regulations, social perception, the allocation of resources and other factors make private and public schools at an unfair competitive condition, resulting in private schools facing greatly barriers in the pursuit of educational resources and flexibility of autonomy. Hence, we plan to collect well-known and successful cases and experiences for our reference, and use case study method to analyze the existing organizational and operational problems of private schools. By reviewing foreign private schools’ operations status, organizational design, regulations and actual impact assessment, we will analyze the feasibility and related solutions for promoting privatization of domestic private schools and provide some operational strategies and suggestions. Throughout the survey phase, our research would like to clarify and evaluate the following questions: 1.How to strengthen the operational/resign (exit) mechanism, if the private school adopts privatization? 2.How to break the current regulation barriers for adjusting private school’s organization structures during the privatization process? 3.Could privatization enhance private school’s human resource management, resource acquisition and teaching quality? Finally, this study will make some conclusions and propose suggestions for related institutes and academia.

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Project ID:PG9804-0194
External Project ID:PG9804-0194
Effective start/end date01/04/0930/06/09


  • Privatization
  • Efficiency
  • Public Sector
  • Break Even
  • Excellency


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