A Longitudinal Study--- High Risk Behaviors Regarding HIV/AIDS & STDS (III)

  • Yeh, Chao-Hsing (PI)

Project: Ministry of Health and WelfareMinistry of Health and Welfare Commission Research

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This study is the third year study of continuous previous project titled: A Longitudinal Study: High Risk Behaviors Regarding HIV/AIDS & STDs (III). The study anticipates to do the follow-up survey from the subjects who participated in the study of year 1 and year 2. The purpose of this study is to develop the HIV/AIDS risk behavior reduction theory using grounded theory method. The study population is from clients who engage in HIV/AIDS high risk behaviors, such as students (college, junior college, and high school) who admitted ever have sex and have more than one sexual partner, homosexual or bisexual groups, sex workers in Taiwan, Republic of China. Qualitative research method will be used to elicit sensitive information, such as sexual communication, negotiation skills, gender differences in decision making regarding safe sex, trust and risk constructs within the relationship, normative influences, attitudes about HIV/AIDS and testing, contraceptive practices, and barriers to safe sex. The participants will be purposely selected according their sexual behavior and theoretical sampling according the development of theory. Semi-structured, in-depth individual interviews will be used to collect relevant data. The self-reported sexual behavior will be cross checked by using twice interviews. Various techniques will be used to address the trust worthiness of the methodology (true value, applicability, consistency, and neutrality). A grounded theory coding system and constant comparative method will be used to analyze data. This systematic qualitative investigation can thus make a key contribution to our knowledge and understanding necessary for developing a clinically applicable theory of HIV/AIDS risk behavior reduction and providing guidelines of effective intervention programs.

Project IDs

Project ID:PG9002-0003
External Project ID:DOH90-TD-1159
Effective start/end date01/01/0131/12/01


  • High risk behavior
  • STDs/HIV
  • Triangulation method HI
  • HIV risk behavior reduction theory


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