A Study of Using Aboriginal Legends to Promote Green Craft Design

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Taiwan's aboriginal legends are a rich cultural environment created in the unique historical accumulation, transfer and evolution process into a different type of culture. This study explores the teach process of building a material civilization, with socio-cultural and historical value constituting a variety of unique tales and legends. Taiwan's aboriginal legends involve a collection of ancillary products designed to strengthen an important component of culture. The legends are deconstructed and reconstructed into products used to sell stories and convey the green meaning. The significance of cultural resistance by the people in preserving their native culture helps market the story. This study hopes to assist the designer (student) in applying legends to help the peoples in the design concept stage, using different legend elements in creating a fulfilling human life with soul to influence consumer demand for goods. This research used field surveys and interviews with Taiwanese aboriginal people to inject meaning and legend context into cultural goods designs. The impact of the purchase is verified using the probation legend and green ingredients. The collective consciousness with legendary trait variability are used to inspire and influence purchasing activities. Storytelling (reading), Story mapping (interpret) and Story practice (verified) are the three steps used to reconstruct Taiwanese aboriginal legends infused into the product value. Cultural goods design is activated with the positive value and contribution from the present study.

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Project ID:PE10308-0477
External Project ID:MOST103-2410-H182-018
Effective start/end date01/08/1431/07/15


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