A System Development and Process Optimization of High-Performance Doping and Etching of Novel Materials --- The Applications of Bio-Photonic Sensors and Memories( I )

Project: National Science and Technology CouncilNational Science and Technology Council Academic Grants

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A high-performance plasma treatment system will be studied and established to be applied in the doping and etching of novel composite materials. The system can be used to realize the fabrication of volatile organic compound gas sensors with 3D functional and novel composite materials, the development of memory and quantum devices with plasma-modified 2D nano-disk, the application of novel-material nano-disk with network molecule wire and bio-transistor on the detection of DNA mutation, and the establishment of nano-quantum dot technologies on 2D bio-photonic imaging of microorganisms. We hope that the study of memory and bio-photonic sensors can be applied in semiconductor industry and clinical trial. The project can be divided into three parts: 1. To establish a high-performance plasma system and the application in memory and bio-photonic sensors. It includes the system design and the testing of high-performance plasma treatment on the doping and etching of novel materials, which can be applied in the modification and surface decoration of 2D materials, electro-spinning, compound metal nano-particles to improve the characteristics of bio-photonic sensors and memories. 2. To establish a high-density and high-performance plasma system and the application in memory and bio-photonic sensors. By using the high-density and high-performance plasma treatment on the reduction and passivation of novel materials, the sensitivity of volatile organic compound gas sensors and the properties of nano-disk memories and quantum devices can be enhanced. The 2-D material nano-disk and P3HT nano-ball are applied in network resistive sensors and LAPS sensors, respectively, for the detection of DNA mutation. 3. To optimize the high-performance plasma system and enhance the characteristics of memory and bio-photonic sensors. The design of optimized quartz filter to retard different UV wavelengths from different plasmas is applied in the development of reduced GO, Teflon isolation, denaturation technology of nucleic acid, and microorganism DNA bio-sensor array.

Project IDs

Project ID:PB10406-1322
External Project ID:MOST104-2632-E182-001
Effective start/end date01/08/1531/07/16


  • high-performance plasma
  • sensor
  • memory
  • nano-disk
  • surface modification


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