Anticancer Evaluation of Formosan Herbal Plants

Project: Minister of AgricultureMinister of Agriculture Commission Research

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Co-administration of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with western medicine is a common practice among Chinese population. The modernization of drug research on TCM thus becomes an important governmental action in Taiwan. As drug-drug or drug-host interaction forms the theoretical basis of TCM therapy, the approach to the integration of TCM into western medicine for optimizing drug activity and minimizing drug toxicity sounds rational. With experiences of developing anticancer agents, this research team aims to (1) search and select promising anticancer herbal plants of Taiwan origin based on the review of literature and folklore reports; (2) establish the activity profiling by combination use of clinical anticancer drugs and the herbal extracts; (3) formulation design for pharmacodynamic/pharmacokinetic optimization of the combination of TCM with cytotoxic anticancer drugs. This approach to the combination drug theapy also creates chances for drug innovation.

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Project ID:PG9306-2718
External Project ID:91農科-2.1.4-林-R2(1)
Effective start/end date01/01/0231/12/02


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