Case Management and Child Health of Children Asthmatic in Schools

  • Huang, Jing-Long (PI)

Project: Ministry of Health and WelfareMinistry of Health and Welfare Commission Research

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Abstract School Children Asthma Case Management Model was developed as the important basis to provide health care for this chronic childhood asthma disease. In order to examine the effectiveness of this model, three experimental schools and three comparison schools were recruited from Taipei and Taoyuan areas. The results at first year were: 1. Completing the screening asthma cases by ISAAC, 2. Assessing the ability of faculty: including knowledge and skill, 3. Assessing the ability of parent and children: including the knowledge, attitude, self-efficacy and self-management. 4. Promoting the strategies of School Children Asthma Case Management Model. The objectives of secondly year were to:1. Implement this model from Jan 1, 2004 to December 31, 2004; 2. Developing the teaching plan of the physical education for children with asthma. 3. Completing the post six-month evaluation. The results of second year were: 1. Completing the teaching plan of physical education for children with asthma, and assessing the physical activity status of children with asthma. 2. Evaluating the health-related quality of life after six months, and intervene parents of children was below 25% quality of life. This model significantly increases the children perception of their quality of life. 3. Completing the asthma sign and lung function from the 12 months asthma diary book. That reveals the lung function is significantly enhanced, but no differences between two groups.

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Project ID:PG9406-0104
External Project ID:DOH94-HP-1117
Effective start/end date01/05/0531/05/06


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