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Since the implementation of the Government of the two-day weekend, it highly raises the people's will to participate in leisure travel, and also leads to the development of the domestic tourism market. Government and private enterprises have also announced lots of tourism packages and around tourist services system. It is designed to improve the quality of tourism and attract more visitors to participate in and consumption. We propose to setup one integrated tourism platform based on the concept of Web 2.0. It will allow users to share the experiences, pictures, and description of various locations though our designed platform. Users can have an automatically generated trip planning before the trip, have an automatically generated tourism manual during the trip, and share the experience of the whole tourism after the trip. Our proposed system will enable the interaction between the users and platform to form a positive cycle. It is not only enriching the content of the platform, but also enhancing the quality of users’ trips. There are two major parts in this project. The first part is to construct one platform of sharing base on the concepts of Web2.0. The platform allows users to discuss and write of the description of the tourism locations. It allows users to share travel experiences and pictures. It will also enhance the users’ senses of participation through the power of the community power. These can build one rich and practical knowledge base of the tourism. People can browse the information of various locations through the electronic map so that they can easily understand the positions of the geographical address and the relative relationships. The second part of our project is automatically generating the trip plan based on the advantages of the knowledge of the locations creating in the first part. There are many factors can influence the trip planning result, it includes time, space, preferences and other factors. Therefore, how to integrate these factors, we have design one algorithm to make the evaluation and decision of the desired trip planning. This project will focus on the research of how to design and implement our proposed system and platform. The features of Web 2.0 enable users to share the information, experience and evaluation. We can find out the best trip plan according to the users’ demands through the analysis of tourism knowledge base created in our platform. Our proposed system can also deliver the results to the users in a rapid speed through our designed data structures and algorithms.

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Project ID:PB9808-2395
External Project ID:NSC98-2221-E182-050
Effective start/end date01/08/0931/07/10


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