Construction and Test of Localized Truth-Telling Educational Model for Advanced Practice Nurse (The Third Years)

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Advanced practice nurses (APNs) are the best supporter assisting doctors in improving the quality of cancer truth-telling. A communication skill training (CST) model exclusive to APNs has not been developed internationally, and it is inappropriate to use the model for doctors to train APNs. Therefore, the author’s motivation to conduct this study is triggered. The purpose of this 3-year study is to develop and test the cancer truth-telling educational model for local APNs. Year 1 and Year 2 of this study have been successfully completed under the subsidization of Ministry of Science and Technology. This study collected common truth-telling dilemmas faced by APNs, their opinions on truth-telling, and suggestions on CST. These data are quite precious for the development of CST. The purpose of Year 3 of this study is to test the effectiveness of CST for improving APNs5 truth-telling ability. The author will enroll the APNs from multiple study sites of Chang Gung Medical System as the research subjects, and used experimental methods to randomize them into the experimental group (receiving 6-hour CST) or control group. All of the CSTs will be completed under the assistance of qualified facilitators and simulated patients. Moreover, this study will use ⑴ APNs5 subjective assessment (APNs5 self-confidence in truth-telling and change in perceptions about truth-telling); (2) objective assessment in videos (transformations of truth-telling behavior of APNs during CST); (3) customers’ opinions (satisfaction with truth telling of patients with cancer and their family members, emotional disorder at the moment, and level of trust in APNs) to assess the effectiveness. According to the estimation, there will not be sufficient power to test the effectiveness of CST until at least 94 APNs (47 APNs in each group) participate in this study. The research results can be provided as reference for in-service education of truth-telling for APNs. If the truth-telling ability of APNs can be improved, APNs can cooperate with doctors to improve the quality of cancer truth-telling to reduce the emotional disorder of patients and their family members caused by inappropriate truth-telling and further improve overall cancer care quality.

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Project ID:PF10507-1961
External Project ID:MOST105-2511-S182-012
Effective start/end date01/08/1631/07/17


  • effective coverage
  • avoidable hospitalization
  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • National Health Insurance


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