Development and Application of 2D Photo to 3D Scanning Facial Anthropometric Transformation Platform: An Example of Abnormal Face Detection

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Mainly used in the past anthropometric human factors engineering theory and application-oriented products, as well as through an understanding of human-related differences in size in order to construct a representative size and size classification, in order to achieve maximized to meet the needs of the main principles, although the advances in technology, 3D stereo camera system technology matures, but also to the human body measurement value reached more quickly and more accurate measurements. However, the count in the prevalence measured during changing mechanism the body often because of changes in measurement insufficient information to be neglected, but also no change in the reference basis, if there is any video data often are general life photos can not provide a valid measurement information. Therefore, how to understand through analysis of the general picture of the process of measuring the prevalence gradient, will contribute analysis and application of anthropometric data, although in the past for a turn-dimensional planar imaging technology has considerable wealth of research and practical knowledge accumulation. Acromegaly is a rare disease, the main cause of excessive growth hormone secretion, however, the course of the disease is usually slow and difficult to find. Early diagnosis will reduce treatment time and cost, and can also avoid the derivative serious complications, thereby reducing the patients’ mortality. Although the popularity of medical resources and advanced technology of medical tests, but there are still 7-10 years of diagnosis and treatment of deferred time. Recent study found a significant change in the face, hand, and foot size, is the key factor for early detection of acromegaly, the anthropometric professional intervention to solve the problem should be the responsibility and opportunity. However, the mechanism of the human body in sick during the measurement changes often due to changes in measurement insufficient information to be neglected, but also no change in the reference basis, so this study is to convert patterns by constructing the face and hands and the Ministry of measured values of different dimensions, Ministry of the face and hands in order to understand variations measured, and then applied to the prevention of diseases. This research project scheduled to collect 100 cases from acromegaly patient gender and age will be paired to collect 1000 normal control group. Through 3D stereo camera system (3D camera system) as well as 2D to 3D analysis of the size identification system for patients with acromegaly face data collection, and the collection and analysis of patient life photos, interviews and diagnostic historical data in order to understand the different stages of acromegaly patients with facial measurement and biochemical changes related information, as well as trends and differences in key parts of the body, thereby preventing acromegaly proposed to construct indices and prevention platform. The three-year research project has three objectives: (1) to collect and analyze the differences measured normal cases and patients with acromegaly facial comparison analysis yielded further discrimination model and facial measurement template; (2) to construct face different dimensions conversion mode; and facial abnormal detection system architecture; (3) to construct facial anomaly detection systems and platforms.

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Project ID:PB10501-2700
External Project ID:MOST103-2221-E182-050-MY3
Effective start/end date01/08/1631/07/17


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