Development and Assessment of a Portable Mechanocardiogram (Mcg) Assisted Heart Failure Mobile Warning and Fast Screening Systems

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Wearable mobile devices are becoming an emerging and important issue in health care in the era of aging society. The objective of this research project to develop two types of portable MCG assistive heart health monitoring and heart failure fast screening systems based on wearable sensing technologies. The major purposes will be feature detection with early warning of acute heart failure (HF), cardiac arrhythmia and acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and to prevent sudden cardiac death. This research project will involve development of wearable ECG / MCG monitoring modules, design of portable wireless communication gateway with mobile computing platform, development of a machine learning system for heart failure detection and risk analysis, and clinical verification of proposed mobile cardiac health monitoring and heart failure fast screening systems. The aims and main works of this two-year project are described as follows: Year 1: Development of a Portable Mechanocardiography (MCG) assistive cardiac health monitoring and heart failure early warning system. Detailed research tasks include (1) Design of real-time multi-channel MCG/ECG front-end sensing technologies with on-line digital filtering capabilities and gateway for wireless communication, (2) Correlation analysis of proposed myo-cardiac functional biomarkers with LVEF and BNP, (3) Design of portable sensor placement assistive module, (4) Design of MCG/ECG pattern abnormality detection algorithms for heart failure risk potential estimation, (5) Develop of an Android based application software for mobile cardiac health monitoring and heart failure early warning system, (6) IRB clinical evaluation and experimental data analysis. Year 2: Development of a Mechanocardiography (MCG) assistive heart failure fast screening system. Several research tasks consists of (1) Development of an IOH sensing module and a companion chip with MCG feature point identification and abnormality detection capabilities, (2) Design of MCG frequency domain fast screening algorithms, (3) Development of MCG time domain feature points sequencing circular spectrum fast screen methods, (4) Development of Window OS based real-time MCG assistive heart failure fast screening application software, (5) Development of a distributed ELM machine learning expert system for MCG assistive heart failure detection and risk analysis, (6) Usability and TAM evaluation of proposed portable Mechanocardiography (MCG) assistive early warning and system and fast screening system. Upon completing this research project, the multi-channel MCG assistive cardiac health monitoring, heart failure feature detection and early warning algorithms may be used as the key technologies for developing various types of Cardiac Sensor Network (CSN) systems. These two proposed MCG assistive systems have been filed for patents for intellectual property protection. These systems may become innovative, effective and practical tools for mobile cardiac health monitoring, heart failure early detection, and fast screening applications.

Project IDs

Project ID:PB10707-0423
External Project ID:MOST107-2221-E182-039
Effective start/end date01/08/1831/07/19


  • Mechanocardiography (MCG)
  • Fast screening
  • Heart failure
  • companion chip
  • IOH (Internet of Health)


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