Development of a New Generation of Wearable Mechanocardiography (Mcg) / Mechanoactiograph (Mag) / Electrocardiagraph (Ecg) Real-Time Sensing Technologies and New Style Mobile Detection / Warning Cloud Service Model for Acute Heart Diseases( I )

Project: National Science and Technology CouncilNational Science and Technology Council Academic Grants

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Wearable mobile devices are becoming an emerging and important issue in health care in the era of aging society. We seek to propose an integrated project to develop a new mobile life and health care system on the basis of wearable sensing technologies. The major purposes will be early detection / warning of acute heart failure (HF), cardiac arrhythmia and acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and to prevent sudden cardiac death. This multi- disciplinary research project will involve development of wearable sensing modules, design of a hybrid mobile high speed cloud computing platform, human engineering and analysis of proposed wearable sensing modules and clinical verification of new model for mobile health care service. This three-year project will include three sub-projects. The aims and main works of each sub-project are described as follows: Sub-Project 1: Development of a New Generation of Wearable Mechanocardiography (MCG) / Mechanoactiograph (MAG) and / Electrocardiagraph (ECG) Real-time Sensing Technologies. Detailed research tasks include (1) Design of an advanced real-time wireless multi-channel array-type MCG/ MAG front-end sensing technologies, (2) Development of wearable sensing modules integrated with ECG sensing module and wireless communication technology, (3) Development of gateway for ECG/ MCG/ MAG with on-line signal processing capabilities, (4) Derive body movement and postural abnormality detection algorithms and feature chips, (5) System validation and functional tests for wearable ECG/ MCG/ MAG sensing modules, (6) Design and control implementation for FDA 510(k) documentations. Sub-Project 2: Development of a Hybrid Mobile High Speed Cloud Computing Platform and New Model for Mobile Health Care Service. Several research tasks consists of (1) Establishing a hybrid mobile cloud computing platform, (2) Risk indicator prediction model and real-time feedback, (3) Big data fast screening mechanism for acute heart diseases, (4) Design of data mining algorithm for high risk analysis and emergency rescue strategies, (5) Design of cloud system for health promotion, (6) Development of an Android APP for mobile health implementation. Sub-Project 3: Clinical Applications of New Generation Wearable Sensing Technologies on Acute Heart Diseases. We will verify the clinical application of real-time computing system of wearable devices and wearable sensing modules with MCG and ECG (sub-project 1), along with the hybrid cloud high-speed computing system and new mobile health care service model (sub-project 2). The main aims include (1) verification of MCG and ECG in the normal population; (2) application of the wearable sensing modules_in patients with HF, cardiac arrhythmia and myocardial infarction; (3) application of the wearable sensing modules to evaluate treatment effects and for long-term monitoring. Sub-Project 4: Ergonomics of New Generation Wearable Sensing Technologies. We will apply the concept of innovative product design and development (IPDD) to design products. In this study, specialists of various fields will cooperate to develop of the prototype. The research tasks consists of: (1) using to define the user’s demand using persona method; (2) to confirm the requirement of function using quality function deployment (QFD); (3) to design the scenario of the new generation wearable sensing module; (4) to deisgn and develop the mock-up; (5) to improve the usability by a user-direct system; (6) to evaluate the acceptance using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM).

Project IDs

Project ID:PB10409-0019
External Project ID:MOST104-2627-E182-001
Effective start/end date01/08/1531/07/16


  • hybrid cloud computing
  • acute heart diseases
  • wearable sensing
  • mobile life
  • healthcare


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