Development of Nano-Micro Hybrid Structured Films Using Additive Manufacturing/Electrospinning Techniques

Project: National Science and Technology CouncilNational Science and Technology Council Academic Grants

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This research aims to fabricate novel hybrid nano/micro-structured films using additive manufacturing and electrospinning techniques. The whole research will be completed in three years. For the first year, a new solvent-type additive manufacturing machine (3D printer) will first be designed and built. The machine will be employed to print polymeric meshes with micro-features. Electrospinning technique will then be used to electrospin nanofibers on the surface of the meshes. Films with hybrid nano/micro-structures will be obtained. Manufactured films will be characterized, including morphology analysis, mechanical properties, hydrophilicity, using SEM, AFM, surface profiler, profile projector etc. The research for the second year is to optimize the hybrid nano/micro-structured films. The influence of processing parameter on the fabricated film quality will be investigated. Key factor affecting the additive manufacturing and electrospinning of nano/micro hybrid features will also be identified. Hybrid nano/micro-featured films will thus be obtained using the optimum processing conditions. For the third year, the potential application of the hybrid nano/micro-featured films in biomedical applications will be investigated. Polycaprolactone/collagen meshes will be fabricated by the additive manufacturing machine, while PLGA/antibiotics loaded nanofibers will be coated on the surface of the polymeric meshes via electrospinning. The properties of the hybrid nano/micro-structured films, including morphology, strength, biocompatibility, biodegradability etc., will be characterized. The drug release profiles will also be identified. The proposed method may show great potential for fabrication of hybrid nano/micro-structured films due to its simplicity and versatility.

Project IDs

Project ID:PB10708-2744
External Project ID:MOST107-2221-E182-017
Effective start/end date01/08/1831/07/19


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