Developments of Some Tunable Circuits Applicable in the Millimeter-Wave up and down Converters Constructed with Ic Technology

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Recently, the rapid progresses in monolithic microwave integrated circuit and wireless communication technologies have lead to various RF circuits fabricated by using MMIC technology. Therefore, it become an important research topic that adopts the advantages of the monolithic integrated circuit technology, which can integrate all kinds of active、passive and distributed components in a single substrate, to fabricated high performance microwave circuits that are applicable in modern communication systems. Because the overhead of the circuits fabricated with IC technology is quite high, so that the circuits include some tunable mechanisms in their designs to make them becomes adjustable with applying external voltages for achieving the desired characteristics also become other research topics. In the past, we have a lot of experiences in the developments of couplers、semi-lumped and distributed chip filters, which use both distributed and lumped elements to achieve the desired characteristics, and then we have combined these couplers、filters、oscillator and low-noise amplifier as transceiver submodules operated at the frequencies of millimeter-wave. According to the researches of previously mentioned circuits, we have found the variation of some components’ values of lumped-elements in the circuits can change some characteristics of the circuits. Therefore, we hope to develop the theoretical design concepts of the new type filters、couplers、balanced amplifier and tripler first. Then we will integrate some tunable components into these circuits to make them being adjustable and capable to against the variation of the fabrication processes. Finally we hope we can apply these developed circuits in the realizations of transceiver modules of the future millimeter communication systems or the radar detection systems

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Project ID:PB10108-2653
External Project ID:NSC101-2221-E182-051
Effective start/end date01/08/1231/07/13


  • Up-down converter
  • Tunable circuits
  • Millimeter-wave Integrated Circuit


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