Drug Delivery SoC by Electrolysis

  • Wang, Tao (PI)

Project: National Science and Technology CouncilNational Science and Technology Council Academic Grants

Project Details


A wireless drug delivering system-on-a-chip (SOC) is proposed, which is aimed to release the drug at the desired time with the controllable amount by wireless commands. An on-chip drug reservoir array is proposed to be fabricated on standard CMOS chips by post-IC processing and filled with drug. In order to open the drug reservoirs, on-chip electrodes will be made inside each reservoir, so that we can generate micro-bubbles in reservoirs though the electrolysis reaction. The created bubbles will accumulate and finally crack the covering of the reservoir, releasing the sealed drug. The SOC will be equipped with an OOK receiver and a micro control unit. The wireless command can be restored by demodulation of the OOK receiver and sent to the MCU, which will complete the opening of the specified drug reservoir.

Project IDs

Project ID:PB9912-1017
External Project ID:NSC99-2218-E182-010
Effective start/end date01/12/1031/07/11


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