Effectiveness of Delirium Simulation Education on the Self-Efficacy and Critical Thinking Skill of Nurses in Intensive Care Unit- Randomized Clinical Trial

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Delirium is a common syndrome that affects the prognosis of critically ill patients and increases medical costs in intensive care units. It is crucial for critical care nursing professionals to prevention, detect and know how to deal with delirium. However, it was observed in clinical practice that nurses in intensive care units had trouble determining the symptom accurately. Many literatures indicated those educational trainings can enhance the ability of nurses to evaluate and handle delirium, and the effect of scenario simulated teaching is greater than traditional nursing teaching methods. But, in reality, it showed related courses regarding delirium are still insufficient; therefore, it is important to use the academic theory to design scenario simulated teaching program and evaluate its learning effectiveness. Unfortunately, currently there is no available evaluation tool to review the effectiveness of knowledge, self-efficacy and critical thinking from scenario simulated teaching; therefore, the purposes of this study is to develop the delirium learning effectiveness tools first, and then further establish the scenario simulated teaching for delirium, and evaluate the learning effectiveness and influencing factors. There are two stages included in the research process. In the first-stage, we will develop questionnaire regarding delirium knowledge, self-efficacy of delirium, and critical thinking skill that used the Delphi method to conclude experts’ opinions. After two to three rounds of experts’ questionnaire, descriptive statistics will be applied to the quantitative analysis to develop the critical thinking skill evaluation chart of delirium. The second-stage will focus on designing the scenario simulated teaching, using a longitudinal research on randomized clinical trials. Based on the evaluation chart developed at the first stage to determine the learning effectiveness; the primary outcome is the knowledge, self-efficacy and clinical critical thinking skills of delirium of nurses from intensive care units. Second outcome will be to explore the influencing learning factors.

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Project ID:PC10904-0011
External Project ID:MOST109-2314-B182-009-MY3
Effective start/end date01/08/2031/07/21


  • intensive care unit
  • delirium
  • self-efficacy
  • critical thinking skill
  • scenario simulated teaching


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