Effects of a Brief Alcohol Intervention Web Based Program

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Alcohol drinking has a long history among Chinese. However, its negative impact on personal health and the society cannot be underestimated. Since the amount of alcohol drinking is increased gradually, current trend of research have shifted the focus from people who are alcohol dependence or alcohol abuse drinkers to who are hazardous alcohol or harmful alcohol drinkers in other countries. By successful screening the high-risk group and providing early prevention, it may decrease medical and social costs in the future and maintain the quality of life of general population. Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) was developed by experts of theWorld Health Organization. It is the most popular tool to detect early drinking problems. After screening, experts recommend an alcohol early intervention for the needed cases. The research team has established the cut-off point of the Taiwanese version of AUDIT in the previous studies. After a careful review of literatures and a thorough discussion with some experts, we established a brief intervention for problem drinkers and evaluated its effect. Based on the findings, the intervention can reduce the amount of drinking. Due to patients’ defensive behaviors, family members’ disapproval and lack of manpower, the implementation of alcohol assessment and intervention in the clinical setting both factors hinder is hindered. Developing a brief alcohol intervention web-based program may be able to resolve these problems. The proposed study consists of a three-year plan. The purposes of the first year will be to (1) understand patients’ and family members’ experiences of receiving alcohol problem assessment and intervention and their suggestions for improvement, (2) understand their attitude and intention to receiving alcohol problem assessment and intervention, (3) understand facilitators and barriers for receiving alcohol problem assessment and intervention, (4) understand the needs of a brief alcohol intervention web-based program from patients’ and family members’ perspectives, and (5) develop and finalize the brief alcohol intervention web-based program. The purposes of the second year will be to (1) implement the training program, and (2) evaluate its 6-month effect. The purposes of the third year will be to (1) evaluate its 12-month effect, and (2) write the final reports. Results of this study can lead us to understand the clinical outcome of the brief alcohol intervention web-based program. This intervention program can be used on a regular basis to assist health care providers to provide alcohol early intervention to their clients. It may reduce the costs to the individual and society and enhance the quality of life of the general population.

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