Establishing Individual Dose System and Evaluating Image Quality for Oragn-Based Tube Current Modulation (ObTCM) CT

  • Tsai, Hui-Yu (PI)
  • Tyan, Yeu Sheng (CoPI)
  • Wu, Ming Chi (CoPI)

Project: National Science and Technology CouncilNational Science and Technology Council Academic Grants

Project Details


The purpose of this two-year project is to establish the assessment of patient-specific dose and image quality for organ-based tube current modulation. The patient-specific dose and image quality will be assessed on clinical situation. The dose reduction methods for routine CT examinations will be implemented in this study. Conventional tube current modulation is only to modulate the tube current according patient attenuation. However, the dose the radiosensitive organ within scan range remains a problem. Two methods for organ-based dose reduction methods are organ-based tube current modulation and in-plane shielding. These two methods could reduce the radiation dose to superficial organs, such as eye lens and breasts. According the standard procedure records during three patient examinations, tube current modulation, organ-based tube current modulation, and in-plane shielding, will be implemented into Monte Carlo simulation system to calculate the organ dose and effective dose. By comparing the reference scan and organ-based dose reduction methods, the optimized standard procedure and organ dose distribution for each patient can be assessed.

Project IDs

Project ID:PC10207-0366
External Project ID:NSC102-2314-B182-058
Effective start/end date01/08/1331/07/14


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