Establishment on Preventive Crime from the Vi Ewpoint of Police Act

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The police take on preventing hazard of executive power and investigating crime of judicial power. Preventive crime is explores how to prohibit crime before unknown suspected case. Including crime prevention of Criminal Substantive Law and litigation of Criminal Procedure Law. This article considers that both should be classified into the category of deterrence of danger. Secondly, preventive crime is implemented in Authority of Police Act which divides into public and exclusive authority, the former such as CCTV, the latter such as observation and understanding dynamic. Both are focus on the collecting information, but greatly differ in component elements, including fundamental rights intervention, the concepts of danger, the principle of litigant and etc. Last but not least, the Supreme Court has said that “the people shall have freedom of assembly and association” on Article 14 of Constitution, but it is necessary to prevent those who are assembly and association with crime and scheme to destroy public order. However, the Police Power Exercise Act is belong to preventive administrative law, and domestic literatures doesn’t get to the meat of preventive crime, hence this article will elaborates on it.

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Project ID:PF10907-2150
External Project ID:MOST109-2410-H182-018
Effective start/end date01/08/2031/07/21


  • preventive crime
  • hazard-doubt
  • information precaution
  • public authority
  • exclusive authority


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