Explaining Continuance Intention among Online Gamers Using Social Networks and Psychological Theories

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Research Problem and Academic Significance: The literature of online games has insufficiently examined how social networks evolve and how social networks impact users’ intention to continue to use a specific system, indicating a knowledge gap. This project innovatively uses network convergence and interdependence to construct theoretical models to fill the gap. By introducing psychological theories to addressing this issue, this project identifies novel and important constructs for theoretical model construction. Theoretically, this project will be able to explain the evolution of social networks and how social networks impact users’ continuance intention. Implications: In practice, research into this issue can increase our understanding of social networks and their impact. Such understanding facilitates future efforts on designing interventions for reducing excessive online gaming behavior. Research Purpose: This project investigates the role of social networks in impacting users’ continuance intention. In the first study, the investigator will examine whether need for affiliation, altruism, social intelligence, and their interactions can predict network convergence and interdependence. In the second study, the investigator will examine whether network convergence and interdependence impact continuance intention indirectly via social presence, interpersonal switching cost, and commitment to virtual community. In the third study, the investigator will examine whether social networks facilitate online game providers to build in-depth, closer, and enduring relationship with users that further fuel continuance intention. Researh Design: This project adopts a survey method to collect data for analyses. Moreover, structural equation modeling will be used for conducting analyses for examining theoretical models. The literature will be consulted for designing the questionnaire and examining the measurement reliability and validity. Expected Results and Jobs to be Done: This project has a high probability in discovering evidence supporting the study hypotheses. Moreover, the study findings will be disseminated in the form of academic journal papers. Assistants in this study can learn 2 related knowledge, skills, experience, and correct work attitudes.

Project IDs

Project ID:PB10401-0290
External Project ID:MOST103-2410-H182-011-MY3
Effective start/end date01/08/1531/07/16


  • Online game
  • continuance intention
  • social network
  • network convergence
  • interdependence.


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