Explore the Proximal and Far Therapeutic Effects in Adhd Cognitive Training in Cloud and Examine the Association between the Deficits of Neuropsychological Function and Adhd Symptoms

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Cognitive training is one of adhd non pharmacological treatments. Based on the concept of Rehabilitation, cognitive training try to use the practice of cognitive processing to normalize the neural network in the brain. However, there is still had confusing outcome, that therapeutic effect in ADHD cognitive training. This study would collect the data of brain activity by resting state EEG and attention task ERP to explore the proximal and far therapeutic effects in ADHD cognitive training in cloud and examine the association between the deficits of neuropsychological function and ADHD symptoms Method: Participants were 120 children (age 7-12) with ADHD random assign to ADHD intense training group (n=60) and low training group (n=60). The typical developed group were included 30 children in similar age and gender ratio compared to ADHD group. The difficulty of the content of cognitive were increased in ADHD intense training group, but ADHD low training group only stay in the preliminary difficulty level. Both ADHD group would receive 30 minutes per day, 5 sessions in a week, lasting 10 weeks. We collect each participant’s data from brain neural activity, neuropsychological function and ADHD behaviors symptoms in pretest (time 1), post-training (time 2), and follow three months (time 3). We hope this study will clarify the relationship between the efficacy of cognitive training and neuropsychological function, the physiological changes of the brain and the severity of symptoms of ADHD in ADHD patients. Also, this study can offer the solid evidence to support the therapeutic effect of ADHD cognitive training.

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Project ID:PF10607-0956
External Project ID:MOST106-2410-H182-007
Effective start/end date01/08/1731/07/18


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