Fabrication of Group-IV Semiconductor (Si & Ge) Nanowires for Flash Memory and Nanoelectronic Devices

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As complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology scaling is becoming problem, silicon (Si) or germanium (Ge) nanowires have attracted much interest as essential building blocks for functional electronic devices because of its potential applications in nanoelectronics and highly sensitive nonvolatile memories. Semiconductor nanowires will be major focus on nanoscale nonvolatile memory and nanoelectronic device applications. Novel technique will be used for fabrication of nanoscale devices. It is expected that our nanowires can be used in future mass production. Our research focus on nanowires for future nanotechnology applications have been described below. On the first year: (a) The silicon or germanium nanowires will be fabricated on SiO2/Si wafers by thermal or chemical vapor deposition process. (b) The nanowires will be fabricated on patterned SiO2/Si wafers or fabrication of nanowire arrays. (c) The length and diameter of the nanowires will be controlled by using novel technique. (d) Characteristics of nanowires by conductive atomic force microscope (C-AFM). (e) Design and fabrication of nanowire memory capacitor and it will be studied. On the second year: (a) The memory characteristics of nanowires will be studied in detail. (b) Design and fabrication of nanowire array memory capacitors. (c) Study of nanowire array memory capacitors by physical and electrical measurements. (d) Design and fabrication of nanowire memory and nanoelectronic devices by using C-AFM. On the third year: (a) Find the convenient way to fabricate the nanowire memory and nanoelectronic or high-speed devices using C-AFM or novel technique. (b) The electrical characteristics of nanowire devices will be evaluated. (c) Find a way for reproducibility and uniformity of nanowire devices for flash memory and nanoelectronic devices. (d) Realization of nanowire memory array and nanoelectronic or high-speed transistors for mass production.

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Project ID:PB9803-0094
External Project ID:NSC98-2923-E182-001-MY3
Effective start/end date01/03/0903/03/10


  • Nanotechnology
  • nanowire flash memory
  • high-speed electronic device
  • nanowire


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