Investigation of Novel One-Dimensional Multicomponent Nano Electrocatalysts---Combined Experimental and Theoretical Studies

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This is a proposal to continue my effort and experience built on “Growth, characterization and functionalization of one-dimensional nanomaterials” and “One-dimensional functionalized nanosystems”, two projects in our National Nano Project. My goal is to tackle the “environmental and energy challenges” utilizing one-dimensional (1-D) composite nanomaterials, containing 0-D nanocrystals and 1-D nanotubes. I will take the advantage of the high surface area and direct transportation path of 1-D nanomaterials. My discovery of “self-limited growth” (Chem. Mater. 17, 3749, 2005) and “modulated electronic structure” (J. Am. Chem. Soc. 128 (26), 8368, 2006) demonstrate the advantage of 1-D composite nanomaterials in nano electrochemical systems. This project will focus on the fundamental electrochemical properties and atomistic/molecular/electronic structures of 1-D composite nanomaterials. Particularly, the anode and cathode electrocatalysts for fuel cells applications will be developed based on 1-D composite nanomaterials. In the past I have constructed the solid knowledge base on research relevant to 1-D nanomaterials. Furthermore, I investigated the atomistic/molecular/electronic structures of 1-D composite nanomaterials using density functional theory besides the synthesis of 1-D composite nanomaterials through a variety of process techniques. I have published several important publications in these years. More recently I started the international collaboration and connected with National Research Council (Canada) and Stanford University (USA) to learn more and carry out more dedicated experiments. At the same time, I extended the research field to the molecular simulation and fuel cells and involved in the current environmental/energy issues. In my new project, I strongly believe the upcoming contribution to the key issues relevant to the environment and energy consumption in our mother earth with the support of NSC.

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Project ID:PB9712-2086
External Project ID:NSC97-2218-E182-007
Effective start/end date01/11/0831/10/09


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