Learning Effects of Interview with Senior Nurses on Professional Identity among First- Year Nursing Students

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Nursing is a stressful and challenging profession. How to enhance the students into the workplace is a very important issue. In addition to provide students with the best learning outcomes through their experience in the interview, they will be able to see the importance of the nursing profession and cultivate their interests in the nursing profession by exploring the future career directions through practical field interviews. You might quite surprise after the interview. The experience of the interview is a process of learning about the socialization of students. Students learn professional knowledge, attitudes and behaviors in this process and develop professional commitment to become a professional. This study will explore the interview report in the nursing history class what effect will have on the first -year nursing students on nursing professional identity, professional nurse, and nursing professional learning achievement. With semi-structured questionnaires and in-depth interviews as the research method, it is expected to provide a further understanding of nursing for the first -year nursing students.

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Project ID:PF10608-0960
External Project ID:MOST106-2511-S182-003
Effective start/end date01/08/1731/07/18


  • professional identity
  • learning effects
  • nursing history curriculum


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