Long Term Effects of Community-Based Prevention of Liver Diseases

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To evaluate long term effects of community-based intervention for liver disease prevention and control, we conduct this cohort study, and also a data analysis study. Since 2003, Health Bureau of Tainan has conducted comprehensive health examination. Our team has joined a lot of intervention programs, including thrombocytopenia-oriented hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) screening, randomized control study on HCC screening interval in high risk group, incidence study of acute hepatitis C, active referral of chronic active hepatitis C patients, accessible liver clinic in country side, et al. In these two years, we clean the large dataset of community screening from 2003 to 2012, and yield an analyzable database including about 280000 residents and their results of 400000 times of health screening. Using overall survival, liver diseases related survival, mortality and incidence of HCC as indices or endpoints, we can compare the difference between interventional and control groups for each intervention. Our study team has experience in mass data analysis including using the national health database. Since this is a data analysis study, it should be low risk and high feasibility. Besides of descriptive statistics, most of the statistical analysis will be time-dependent, i.e. survival analysis, and some will be categorical analysis. We anticipate our results will be good reference to decide whether these prevention strategies should be promoted to the whole country or not.

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Project ID:PC10507-1231
External Project ID:MOST105-2314-B182-021-MY2
Effective start/end date01/08/1631/07/17


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