Nanofibrous Biopolymer-Carbon Nanotube Composite Scaffolding for Tissue Engineering of Functional Tendon/Ligament Replacement

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Over the last two decades, orthopedic sports medicine has been faced with continued repair needs associated with tear and rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), a major cause of athletic disability. The sequelae of chronic ACL insufficiency can result in episodic instability, chondral and meniscal injury, and early osteoarthritis. Despite the use of various types of grafts, no surgical treatment currently exists to restore a tendon/ligament to its normal condition. Tissue engineering techniques are being used to develop therapies for tendon/ligament reconstruction. Recent advances in tissue engineering techniques have sparked interest in fabricating scaffolds with biopolymer and/or biodegradable synthetic polymer nanofibers. The rational for using nanofibers in base on the cells attach and organize around fibers with diameter smaller than the cell itself in biological system. Polymeric nanofibers are usually strong in tensile strength than microfibers, therefore, the scaffolds can have higher tensile strength than traditional used. The complexity of tendon/ligament architecture exists to withstand the composite force experience about the knee, especial the tensile stress. However, to date, no engineering construct has the appropriate biological architecture or mechanical strength for in vivo implantation. The aim of this study is to refine of current ligament engineering systems directed at development of more durable scaffolds with fabrication the 3D matrix by nanofibers of biopolymer and/or incorporated with carbon nanotube, and also to promote the cellular response by surface modification. We expect that this system would provide a tissue-engineering scaffold that will be mirror the mechanics of native tissue than previous studies and result in production of a more compatible tendon/ligament replacement.

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Project ID:PB9611-0535
External Project ID:NSC96-2320-B182-036
Effective start/end date01/08/0731/07/08


  • tendon/ligament replacement
  • nanofibruos
  • biopolymer
  • carbon nanotube


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