Process Development of Cztse Thin-Film Solar Cells with Sub-Wavelength Nanostructures in Light-Harvesting Enhancement-Ii

Project: National Science and Technology CouncilNational Science and Technology Council Academic Grants

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Cu2ZnSnSe4 (CZTSe) is a promising alternative absorber for CIGS. The most important feature of CZTSe is that all constituents of CZTSe are earth-abundant and low-toxic elements, which presents an alternative to finding replacements for the high-cost materials in CIGS. We have successfully fabricated CZTSe solar cell with 7% conversion efficiency via evaporation and post-selenization. Based on our previous achievement, we will fabricate CZTSe solar cells with higher efficiency in this project. Several techniques will be applied to fabricate subwavelength nanostructures and patterned substrates. The influence of morphologies on the light-harvesting will be investigated in detail. Particularly, omnidirectional and broadband antireflections of the photovoltaic devices are investigated as well. The aim of this project is to develop high efficiency CZTSe solar cell with 10 % efficiency by vacuum techniques. Under a simulated 1-sun condition and light incident angle increased to 60°, cells with subwavelength structures enhanced the short-circuit current density by 40%. The achievements can make substantial progress in developing CZTSe solar cells providing environmental and manufacturing benefits.

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Project ID:PB10506-0111
External Project ID:MOST105-2622-E182-002-CC3
Effective start/end date01/06/1631/05/17


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