Smart care for older persons recovering from hip-fracture surgery

  • Shyu, Yea-Ing Lotus (PI)
  • Chen, Li Chin (CoPI)
  • Cheng, Huey-Shinn (CoPI)
  • Chou, Ying Chao (CoPI)
  • Liang, Jersey (CoPI)
  • Lin, Chung-Chih (CoPI)
  • Lin, Yueh E. (CoPI)
  • Seak, Chen June (CoPI)
  • Su, Juin Yih (CoPI)
  • Tsai, Hsiu-Hsin (CoPI)
  • Tseng, Ming Yueh (CoPI)
  • Wu, Chi Chuan (CoPI)
  • Yang, Ming Chin (CoPI)
  • Yeh, Wen Ling (CoPI)

Project: National Health Research InstitutesNational Health Research Institutes Grants Research


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Nursing and Health Professions