Some Important Issues in Pcv Pharmacoeconomic Model---Parameterized the Serotype Replacement, Quantified the Herd Immunity and Resource Optimization.

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The control of IPD prevalence in Taiwan has been proved after the mass vaccination of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines (PCV) in the recent years. However, under the tight government funding and limited vaccines supply, vaccines allocation becomes one of the important issues. The limited serotype covered in the vaccine could not provide enough protection and hence the issue of serotype replacement of the disease has been discussed. The serotype replacement is definitely associated with cost and effectiveness as well as herd immunity effect to the disease protection. These research issues can be categorized in the fields of pharmacoeconomics and the optimal allocation medicine recourses. In view of this, to account for the real-world uncertainties of cost and effectiveness, we propose this project as the extension of the accomplished research work in our previous 3NSC grant (NSC95-2320-B-182-022-MY2). We plan to incorporate the parameters of serotype replacement and herd immunity effect to the published transmission dynamic model (TDM) in order to accurately calculate the cost effective ratio under different vaccination strategies. Meanwhile, we will also study the optimal vaccination strategy under the tight and limited healthcare budget. Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine and its clinical data will be used in this research grant proposal. Model parameters will be collected using National Health Insurance Research Database (NHIRD). Tools of the parameters derivation will be conducted using systematic review and meta-analysis. With the combination of TDM and cost-effectiveness analysis, this study aims to inform decision makers in national immunization policy on the optimal use of limited medical resources.

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Project ID:PC10301-0548
External Project ID:NSC102-2314-B182-046-MY2
Effective start/end date01/08/1431/07/15


  • Pneumococcal Conjugate vaccines
  • serotype replacement
  • transmission dynamic model
  • herd immunity effect


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