Spelling, Writing, Typing and Digital Participation in Adults with Brain Injury--- A Study on Assessment and Intervention

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Patients with brain injured may come with writing difficulties, and this can usually be compensated by typing on a keyboard. Because of this, spelling ability turns to be the essence of English input. As to the most commonly used Chinese input ‘Zhuyinfuhao’, it requires good abilities of Zhuyin, phoneme, and phoneme-grapheme conversion. If the structural mode of Chinese input is used, the constructional concept of Chinese characters will become crucial. It is found that, most of time, difficulties in Chinese input were due to the poor abilities mentioned above. This makes the difference of computer use between these patients and healthy people and reduces their involvement. Accordingly, we should put emphasis on choosing and developing proper conventional or digital assessments and intervention programs, and improving patients’involvement in digital input system. To carry out the task, we propose this three-year project. In the first year, we are going to using an existing assessment tool or developing a new one to explore brain injured patients’abilities of writing, spelling, typing, and digital involvement. In the next year, a theory- and evidence-based writing/spelling intervention program will be developed. Furthermore, we will take our other projects’colleagues’findings into account, and explore the effects of intervention by reviewing our case report, single case study, and intense study on neurobehavioral cases, and make some adjustment to our intervention program if necessary. We will increase the number of participants in the last year to do quantitative research, and further examine the effect of our program. We are expecting to build a theory model and intervention guidelines to people with difficulties in spelling and digital input to improve their current digital circumstances.

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Project ID:PF9902-1283
External Project ID:NSC98-2511-S182-003-MY3
Effective start/end date01/08/1031/07/11


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