Structure-Field Antisymmetry Physics of Nano-Mircostructures

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ZnO-based nanomaterials are promising candidates for nanoelectronic and photonics. Recently, the various applications of ZnO nanomaterials such as biosensors, ultra-violet detetors and field-emission display (FED) are also under way. Self-organized ZnO nanostructures have been successfully grown on various substrates. It was found that the The preparation of However, the structural symmetry-dependent effects on the characteristics of ZnO are profound.Coupling of the elementary excitations for the low dimensional semiconductor structure, it was observed the directionality of momentum and the discrete and continuous of energy, which were correlated with resonating phenomenon, at research of the fundamentals. It have already developed the high temperature, high frequency, photoelectronic devices in the engineering appliactions. Among our research, suppose that is sub-energy-level of carrier with the classical boltzmann distribution. We can get the absorption cross section by analying the emission cross section to, and also analyze the temperature founction of the emission and absorption cross section for the semiconductor herterosystem. By analyzing the carrier in the quantum well under the change of the thermal energy, it is following its ability change which catches electrons and electric hole, and overcome the barrier to release energy produce the photon. With strain-induced energy bang structure fot the quantum microstructures, it can calculate the local density ofstates (LDOS) further, and also draw the luminescence spectrum which nearly smooth edge structure. It will contribute to analysing that explains the thermal balance relation among the photon, electron, electric hole, phonon in the micro-structure system of quantum. Because the luminescence spectrum the near edge of structure and energy digram of the material can bring relation between inseparable. It can bring change of structure, decide all physical property of material, make the analysis of nearly edge structure quite important. Additionally, by setting up the rate equation model for the carrier recomations, it can obtain the quantum efficiency, absorption cross section and relation and its exciton radiative mechanisms as a function of temperature.

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Project ID:PA9801-1665
External Project ID:NSC97-2112-M182-002-MY3
Effective start/end date01/08/0931/07/10


  • Strain
  • Stress
  • High pressure physics
  • Deformation physics


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