Study on the revision of Ionizing Radiation Protection Act

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The basic principles and structures of Ionizing Radiation Protection Act (released on January 30, 2002) are based on the recommendations of ICRP Publication 60 (1991). Due to the technology advancements, social changes and environmental requirements, the International Commission on Radiological Protection revised its ICRP-60 and published ICRP-103 (2007). ICRP-103 provided more complete framework, reasonable approach and effective implementation than ICRP-60 for the radiation protection of individuals in different exposure situations. The improvements of ICRP-103 included: (1) the classification of exposure situations into planned, existing and emergency exposure, (2) the division of radiation dose controls into dose limits for individual-related control, dose constraints for source-related control, and reference levels for medical, existing and emergency exposure, (3) the better dose assessment for the age-dependent representative person instead of the overestimated critical group, and (4) the introduction of existing exposure for the technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive materials. In addition, ICRP-103 updated the data on radiation health detriment risk factor, radiation weighting factor and tissue weighting factor. The objectives of this project are to study the new concepts and methods recommended in ICRP-103 and IAEA GSR Part 3 and to suggest revisions on the Ionizing Radiation Protection Act. A thorough review of ICRP-103 and IAEA GSR Part 3 will come up with a draft version of the ACT which includes the following: (1)Status of implementation of ICRP-103 in countries around the world (2)Feasibility study on implementing ICRP-103 in Taiwan (3)Technical implementations of ICRP-103 and IAEA GSR Part 3 (4)Graded managements of radiation protection in planned exposure (5)Optimization of radiation protection managements for existing exposure (6)Radiation protection control of radioactive materials added in commodities (7)Radiation protection control of radioactive materials (8)Radiation protection control of radiation emitting devices and practices (9)Gathering opinions from domestic experts on the revisions of Act (10)Recommendations for the revision of the Act (11)Policy impact assessment and industry communication This project will help to ensure the quality, smooth the implementation, and avoid any difficulty in the future revisions of Ionizing Radiation Protection Act.

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Project ID:PG11001-0261
External Project ID:AEC10812048L
Effective start/end date01/01/2131/12/21


  • ionization radiation
  • radioactive material control
  • regulatory impact analysis
  • radiation protection


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