The Analysis of Characteristic of Scattered Pilot and Research of Channel Estimation with Two-Dimensional Interpolation Filter in OFDM Systems

Project: National Science and Technology CouncilNational Science and Technology Council Academic Grants

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In the case of scattered pilot OFDM system, it is like sampling the two-dimensional channel frequency response when receiver obtains the channel frequency response on all pilot subcarriers. In this project, we will consider the sampled two-dimensional channel frequency response as one sampled image. Then, we will analyze the two-dimensional spectrum of “sampled image”. The discussion of the performance and restrictions of two-dimensional linear interpolation filter interpolate the channel frequency response will base on the analysis results of two-dimensional spectrum. We also discuss how to design an appropriate two-dimensional interpolation filter under the condition that two-dimensional linear interpolation filter is not suitable.

Project IDs

Project ID:PB9907-12671
External Project ID:NSC99-2221-E182-027
Effective start/end date01/08/1031/07/11


  • OFDM
  • scattered pilot
  • channel estimation?


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