The Implementation of Advanced Automotive Gan Dc/Dc Bulk Converter Chip

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During past decade, automotive electronic applications exhibited a rapid development. For low pollution and power saving considerations of gas-electric hybrid vehicle, the 200V~500V battery power supply for 42V motor was needed. Therefore, high efficiency DC/DC bulk converter plays an important role for gas-electric hybrid vehicle. GaN has attracted much attention due to their several special properties: fine thermal stability, high breakdown voltage, high electron velocity, and high current density, and so on. GaN could be applied for high frequency and high voltage operation at high temperature environment, especially such as future automobile switching power supply application. In this study, we proposed a novel AlN/GaN enhancement-mode HEMT using N2O plasma treatment beneath the gate electrode. This novel device will be applied for high speed and low Ron DC/DC converter chip together with GaN-based dual-gate ESD clamp protection circuits. Compared to traditional Si-based IGBT or LDMOS power devices, E-mode GaN device can demonstrate a Ron of 0.6-0.7Ω/mm which was usually 30Ω/mm in Si-based devices. Moreover, copper interconnections and GaN on Si substrate technology were two key factors for reducing the GaN bulk-converter cost and efficiency. Therefore, this novel E-mode GaN HEMT exhibits a highly potential for high efficiency and high ESD protection DC/DC bulk converter in gas-electric hybrid vehicle power supply system.

Project IDs

Project ID:PB10007-7240
External Project ID:NSC100-2221-E182-009
Effective start/end date01/08/1131/07/12


  • GaN
  • FET
  • Enhancement-mode
  • N2O


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