The Quality Assessment and Improvement of Taiwan Triage and Acuity System: across Hospital Levels, Longitudinal Analysis, and Practice Guidelines

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An increasing number of patients are admitted into emergency department in which issues of overcrowding are growing concerns. One of the urgent issues is how to reasonably allocate limited medical resources and prioritize patients to meet their correspondent needs. An accurate triage system is especially needed when overcrowding of emergency department becomes an important issue with high complexity of case mix. Therefore, the evaluation and improvement strategies for current triage system are important in emergency medicine. Taiwan has introduced a five acuity triage system, TTAS, to replace the conventional four acuity triage system, TTS, in 2010. However, the impacts of such innovative TTAS are not fully examined so far. In addition, the management exigencies derived from the innovative TTAS as to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency care under global budget payment system in Taiwan is warranted for in-depth studies. This study is a retrospective follow up design in which the process and outcome dimensions of quality in emergency care will be examined. The medical consumptions of both emergency and inpatient care will also be investigated. The study will classify the observational periods into pre-hospital, emergency department, and post-emergency hospitalization. The settings of this analysis will be set to a medical center while multi-center comparison will be made to examine the effects of this innovative triage system on quality of care across level of hospitals. The introduction of practice guidelines will be made in 2013 and will be evaluated on the improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of emergency care under TTAS in the study medical center. The objectives of this study are as follows: 1) To compare the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency care under TTAS across hospital levels. 2) To evaluate the longitudinal effects of TTAS on post-emergency care including clinical outcomes, and medical consumptions. 3) To examine how the introduction of practice guidelines affects the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency care under TTAS.

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Project ID:PF10107-1982
External Project ID:NSC101-2410-H182-015
Effective start/end date01/08/1231/07/13


  • Emergency Care
  • Taiwan Triage and Acuity System
  • Quality of Care
  • Practice Guidelines


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