The Research on Instrumentation and Control Network Security Management System for Nuclear Power Plants

Project: Atomic Energy CouncilAtomic Energy Council Commission Research

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To ensure the effectivenesss of information security, organizations must allocate sufficient resources for security defense. The ISO27001 standard addresses this issue for overall risk management. However, every organization may face different security issues. Since nuclear power plants are often equipped with special facilities which have no corresponding descriptions in ISO27001, this international standard may not fit in the context of nuclear power plants. The security staff will need to learn more abstract terms and try to tailor the descriptions in the standard to their own context. A standard that is dedicated for nuclear power plants should be able to save costs for security staff and the administrative officials. This project aims at planning a dedicated system for the instrumentation and control network of nuclear power plants. The proposed system will be called Instrumentation and Control Network Security Management System (ICNSMS). We expect that the proposed system will benefit the power plants and the officials in producing a security management system. This system will also help in policy communications. In addition to creating a new system, this project will also produce plans related to risk assessment and vulnerability scanning. These plans are expected to assist in the realization of related procedures. Besides, one of the expected research result will contain the finding obtained by conducting vulnerability scans, which is expected to understand the current status of the scanned networks. Future improvements may result from the scanning results.

Project IDs

Project ID:PG9804-0617
External Project ID:982001INER004
Effective start/end date01/01/0931/12/09


  • Instrumentation and control network
  • security assessment
  • information security management system
  • vulnerability scanning


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