The Study of Reliability and Package Performance for Bended Single-Crystal Si Devices on Flexible Substrate

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The silicon-base electron product is developed over thirty years. The product is unusual and makes the life is change and conventional. During the trend of times, consumers demand the lightness, thinness, shortness and minimization of portable electronics product for next to the skin, human-based and movable. Recently, the electric products are indispensable due to achieve high-speed and high functionality and combine with the network. Therefore, the flexible electric system has attracted a lot of attention for its applications in e-paper or e-book, sensors and radio frequency identifications tags (RFID). However, the flexible electronic devices still has a lot of limited for its performance, processes, integration. In this proposal, we will focus on the following studies for the technology on reliability and package of sub-micro CMOS device on flexible substrate. 1. Choose the sample with difference condition for testing: According to the oxide thickness and channel doping for comparison, the strain, bending numbers, bending time to observe the device performance. And also physical check for crystal surface. 2. Reliability test of bending devices: Using electrical method to measure the reliability of flexible devices, the device reliability test includes during bending and after long time bending to extract the lifetime. 3. Recover the bending crystal: Using anneal method to return the crystal structure and measure the electrical characteristic to verify for extending the life time of flexible device. 4. Package test: Using the UTCOF process to package the bending device. The test includes four-port bending test, temperature/moist test and static/dynamic test for the performance and reliability after devices package and improve them.

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Project ID:PB9907-10760
External Project ID:NSC99-2221-E182-037
Effective start/end date01/08/1031/07/11


  • flexible electronics device
  • single-crystal Si MOSFET
  • ultra-thin Si substrate?


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