Ultra Low Loss Gan on Si Normally-Off Switching Power Devices and It Dc/Dc Converter Development( II )

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In order to promote the development of industrial environment in Taiwan in 2016, we will actively promote the “Green” industrial policy. The government proposed the future plan in 2025 to reach the goal of non - nuclear homes and this goal must be to promote the green energy to replace the current nuclear power supply. The government will expand its renewable energy capacity target of 17,250 MW between 2015 and 2030. The new government's plan will create 532 billion kWh of green electricity by 2025, and renewable energy will completely replace nuclear power by 2025. Energy saving in the government policy was also beneficial to promote carbon reduction.Past 5 years, 6-inch GaN related field-effect transistor technology exhibited a great success and huge progress such as material epitaxy, device fabrication, and package method in the worldwide. In addition, due to the mature GaN FET technology, the fabrication cost was also reduced. GaN material has attracted so much attention due to their several special properties: fine thermal stability, high breakdown voltage, high electron velocity, and high current density, and so on. GaN could be applied for high frequency and high voltage operation at high temperature environment, especially such as future switching power supply application. We proposed the project, entitled “The development of ultra-low switching loss DC/DC converter module using GaN Power HEMT on Si substrate” to meet the policy of Green concept of Taiwan government.In the first year of this project, the thin Schottky barrier layer AlGaN/GaN HEMT was designed for normally-off operation. The structure will be also simulated by TCAD for simultaneous consideration oflow on-state resistance and high switching speed. However, in order to further suppress the on-resistance, the ohmic regrowth will be developed in MOCVD. Our cooperated company “Epistar” will be in charge of this regrowth technology which is the key technology and advantage of this company. In the second year, the device will be fabricated to be more than 100mm for 20A operation. In addition, the device will be packaged by TO220 and will be used for DC/DC converter operation. Based on the whole project content, the new power device structure, new device layout, and device module-level proto-type will be demonstrated. We also expect that the outcome of this project can promote the key technology and IP module for Epistar in power device industry.

Project IDs

Project ID:PB10707-0212
External Project ID:MOST107-2622-E182-002-CC2
Effective start/end date01/06/1831/05/19


  • GaN
  • regrowth technology
  • high voltage package
  • DC/DC converter


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