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There have been several outbreaks of viral diseases in Taiwan these years. Laboratory diagnosis for viral infection would not only provide valuable information for disease management and treatment but important for control and monitor viral outbreaks. The virology laboratory in Taiwanese CDC has been carrying out virus isolation and identification in the past and now. However, The laboratory in CDC cannot tolerate the high working load during the outbreaks in which too many specimens should be identified. Clinical Virology Center in Ghang-Gung Memorial Hospital ( Lin-kou medical center ) helps to do virus isolation and identification. The specimens would be from middle north of Taiwan near Taoyuan area. All of the results have been transmitted to CDC for surveillance of viral diseases. The project of this year also focus on enteroviruses and influenza viruses. Last year, we have successifully established the molecular typing method for those enteroviral strains which could not be typed via immuno-fluorescent assays.

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Project ID:PG9104-0208
External Project ID:DOH91-DC-1078
Effective start/end date01/01/0231/12/02


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