Translated title of the contribution: LED lamp structure

Liann-Be Chang (Inventor), CHIA-YI YEN (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The present invention provides an LED lamp structure. This LED lamp structure includes an LED module, a driving circuit module and a lamp cover. The LED module is composed of an upper lamp cup and a three-dimensional substrate. The three-dimensional substrate is located in the upper lamp cup. A plurality of LED chips are disposed on plural surfaces of the three-dimensional substrate. A first engaging portion is disposed at the bottom of the LED module. The driving circuit module is disposed in the lower lamp cup. The driving circuit module is provided with a second engaging portion coupled with the first engaging portion to form an electrical connection. The lamp cover is mounted on the LED module. As the LED chips are disposed on the three-dimensional substrate, light is emitted from above the horizontal direction so as to increase the light emission angle, thereby the brightness of the LED lamp structure of the present invention is enhanced.
Translated title of the contributionLED lamp structure
Original languageChinese (Traditional)
IPCF21V 19/00(2006.01); F21V 23/00(2015.01); F21Y 115/10(2016.01)
StatePublished - 01 06 2013

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