A Distributed Office Information System in Judicial Courts

Jing-Jang Hwang, Sou-Shan Wu, 石 木欽, 李 建祥

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal Article peer-review


本論文探討一套分散式的法院辦公室資訊系統,稱為民事整合網路資訊系統(Civil Integrated Network Information System, CINIS)。此系統於1989~1990年間在臺南地方法院建置成功,而後於1991~1992年間成功移植於新竹、板橋、高雄等三個地方法院,預於二年內建置於全的地方法院。在分散系統的架構之下,CINIS整合了司法專業的子系統及傳統的管理資訊子系統,它的技術貢獻包括推展了中文電腦於辦公室自動化的應用,又表現了個人電腦區域網路可取代大主機的一個實例;而在管理方面,因為資訊的有效流通,CINIS改善了法院內部各部門的合作,此外,電腦設備的個人化也彰顯了法官獨立審判之制度。
This paper reports on a pioneering computerized system that had been first developed in one of the district courts in this country during 1989-1990 and then implemented in three other courts in 1991-1992. The system goes by the names of Civil Integrated Network Information System (CINIS). Under a distributed system framework, CINIS integrates novel subsystems of MIS (Management Information Systems). The system contributes to technological advances in distributed processing using a large number of personal computers and Chinese information processing for office automation. It also strengthens both the independence the judicial process and the necessary close coordination among court divisions.
Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)27-38
Issue number1
StatePublished - 1993


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