Ad Hoc Network在軍中運用的探討

廖 述煌, Henry Ker-Chnag Chang

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal Article peer-review


隨建即連網路(Ad Hoc Network)是一種能夠在沒有事先建置基礎架構(infrastructure)的環境下,由無線主機所臨時組成的網路。因為隨建即連網路具有自我組織(self-organization)的能力,一方面它不但可以簡化網路的管理,提高其強?性 (robustness)和彈性,另一方面,它更能在處於動態的狀況如位置移動,不定的連結,和無法預測的流量負載的既定基礎結構下,作最理想的資源有效使用。由於它容易佈建的特性,隨建即連網路有許多實際的用途,如個人區域網路、家庭區域網路、軍事用途、緊急救災及搜救行動等。 本文打破傳統無線網路運用的概念,運用隨建即連網路之架構技術,探討在各種作戰環境下之運用,期能對未來強化戰場管理與精進指揮管制之建軍備戰規劃中,提供有效且實用之助益。
Ad Hoc Network is capable of self-organization, in one point, Ad Hoc Network simplifies the network managements, improves the robustness and flexibility; in another point, it can manipulate all the resources perfectly and effectively in dynamic state. The defined infrastructure is operated in several situations for example maneuvering position, indefinite linkages or unpredictable flow capacity. Ad Hoc Network has many applications in terms of easy setting up, for instance personal local network, family local network, military applications, emergent rescue and searching. This work breaks the concepts of wireless applications in previous concepts; we develop the Ad Hoc network technology to operate in order to study the applications in different kinds of wars. Furthermore, we hope that this study can improve the managements of battle fields, command and control.
Original languageChinese (Traditional)
Pages (from-to)1-8
Issue number49
StatePublished - 2005

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