Cross-talk between airway and gut microbiome links to IgE responses to house dust mites in childhood airway allergies

Chih Yung Chiu*, Yi Ling Chan, Ming Han Tsai, Chia Jung Wang, Meng Han Chiang, Chun Che Chiu, Shih Chi Su*

*Corresponding author for this work

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A connection between airway and gut microbiota related to allergen exposure in childhood allergies was not well addressed. We aimed to identify the microbiota alterations in the airway and gut related to mite-specific IgE responses in young children with airway allergies. This study enrolled 60 children, including 38 mite-sensitized children (20 rhinitis and 18 asthma), and 22 non-mite-sensitized healthy controls. Microbiome composition analysis of the throat swab and stool samples was performed using bacterial 16S rRNA sequencing. An integrative analysis of the airway and stool microbial profiling associated with IgE reactions in childhood allergic rhinitis and asthma was examined. The Chao1 and Shannon indices in the airway were significantly lower than those in the stool. Additionally, an inverse association of the airway microbial diversity with house dust mite (HDM) sensitization and allergic airway diseases was noted. Fecal IgE levels were positively correlated with the serum Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus- and Dermatophagoides farinae-specific IgE levels. Airway Leptotrichia spp. related to asthma were strongly correlated with fecal Dorea and Ruminococcus spp., which were inversely associated with fecal IgE levels and risk of allergic rhinitis. Moreover, four airway genera, Campylobacter, Selenomonas, Tannerella, and Atopobium, were negatively correlated with both serum mite-specific and fecal IgE levels. Among them, the airway Selenomonas and Atopobium spp. were positively correlated with stool Blautia and Dorea spp. related to asthma and allergic rhinitis, respectively. In conclusion, airway microbial dysbiosis in response to HDM and its cross-talk with the gut microbial community is related to allergic airway diseases in early childhood.

Original languageEnglish
Article number13449
JournalScientific Reports
Issue number1
StatePublished - 01 12 2020

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