Investigation of Readout RF Pulse Impact on the Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer Spectrum

Sheng Min Huang, Meei Ling Jan, Hsin Chin Liang, Chia Hao Chang, Yi Chun Wu, Shang Yueh Tsai, Fu Nien Wang*

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal Article peer-review

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Chemical exchange saturation transfer magnetic resonance imaging (CEST-MRI) is capable of both microenvironment and molecular imaging. The optimization of scanning parameters is important since the CEST effect is sensitive to factors such as saturation power and field homogeneity. The aim of this study was to determine if the CEST effect would be altered by changing the length of readout RF pulses. Both theoretical computer simulation and phantom experiments were performed to examine the influence of readout RF pulses. Our results showed that the length of readout RF pulses has unremarkable impact on the Z-spectrum and CEST effect in both computer simulation and phantom experiment. Moreover, we demonstrated that multiple refocusing RF pulses used in rapid acquisition with relaxation enhancement (RARE) sequence induced no obvious saturation transfer contrast. Therefore, readout RF pulse has negligible effect on CEST Z-spectrum and the optimization of readout RF pulse length can be disregarded in CEST imaging protocol.

Original languageEnglish
Article number15062
JournalScientific Reports
StatePublished - 12 10 2015


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