Psychiatric Characteristics of HIV-infected Patients with Cocktail Therapy

Tiao-Lai Huang, 呂 學重

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal Article peer-review


  目的:本研究想了解在北部某醫學中心使用雞尾酒療法之愛滋病毒感染患者所呈現的生理精神方面之疾病分佈,尤其是重憂鬱症的問題。方法:北部某醫學中心自1997年4月起至1998年6月對於確定感染愛滋病毒之門診或病房患者進行雞尾酒療法。當精神科醫師被照會時會先依迷你精神狀態檢查及DSM-IV診斷標準作出初步的精神科診斷。之後每隔一至二月在門診追蹤,並在追蹤數月至一年多後作出最後之精神科診斷。此外,我們使用家庭關懷度量表以顯示個案是否得到良好的家庭社會支持。而重憂鬱症的個案有作21項的漢氏憂鬱量表以評估其嚴重度。結果:共有32位(男30,女2)個案被納入此研究,平均年齡為39.4(8.8歲 ± 19至54)。一般身體器官有病癥者佔23位;而中樞神經系統有病癥者佔9位。至於精神科方面的診斷,32位病人中,其中有12位曾出現過譫妄症,16位歸屬於適應障礙疾患,9位歸屬於重憂鬱症,6位沒有精神科疾病之診斷。其中9位重憂鬱症患者中7位的家庭支持系統較差,7位的HAM-D score為輕微等級;而6位沒有精神科疾病之診斷者其家庭支持系統皆較好,不管一般身體器官或中樞神經系統是否有病癥。結論:愛滋病患之精神疾病的分佈報告常因多重因素而有所不同。我們發現家庭支持系統的好壞與雞尾酒療法的成效可能對愛滋病的精神疾病之形成與憂鬱症之嚴重度可能有關。
  Objectives: We investigated psychiatric diagnoses of HIV-infected patients undergoing cocktail therapy at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Linkou. Methods: All HIV-infected patients receiving cocktail therapy from the OPD or infection ward were consulted by psychiatrists during a 14-month period. The psychiatric diagnoses were made according to MMSE and DSM-IV criteria. Their family functions were assessed by the family APGAR index and the severity of depression was rated by the 21-item HAMD. Results: Thirty two patients were enrolled in this study. Twelve were in a delirium state. Three patients died of respiratory failure or septic shock. The final psychiatric diagnoses included adjustment disorders in 16 patients, major depressive disorders in 9 and no definite diagnosis in 6. Poor family support and mild severity of depression were noted in 7 patients in all patients with major depressive disorders. All of the patients with no definite psychiatric diagnosis had good family support in spite of their physical conditions were good or not. Conclusion: The distribution of psychiatric diagnoses in the patients with AIDS depended on a variety of factors. Although family function and efficiency of antiviral drugs appeared to be important factors influencing the development of psychiatric diagnoses, a larger series of cases is needed to clarify this relation.
Original languageChinese (Traditional)
Pages (from-to)125-131
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2000


  • AIDS
  • depress

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