A kernel-based ICI self-cancellation scheme using constrained subcarrier combiners

Yung Yi Wang*, Wei Wei Chen


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Conventional ICI self-cancellation methods are spectral consuming because they modulate a single data on a group of subcarriers. To improve the spectral efficiency, the proposed approach uses a kernel-based precoder that maps at most L-1 data symbols to a group of L consecutive subcarriers. On the receive side, the carrier-frequency-offset-directed (CFO-directed) structure of the precoded signal enables the proposed approach to estimate the CFO in the frequency domain. Then, based on this CFO estimate, the proposed approach develops a set of constrained-subcarrier-combiners (CSC) to eliminate intra-group interference. Computer simulations show that in addition to achieving a high spectral efficiency proportional to the precoder order, the proposed approach can effectively eliminate the ICI caused by a large-frequency-error because of the CSC.

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期刊Signal Processing
出版狀態已出版 - 08 2014


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