Advancement of the endoscopic assisted microsurgery: A clinical experience

Mohamed El-Shazly*, Huang Wei Chao, Ming Huei Cheng, Hung Chi Chen


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Although the operating microscope was a must to perform microsurgery, we have tried to find new type equipmenlt which may be less invasive, cheaper in price, smaller in size, more portable, sterilizable, already present in many of the surgical departments, and also valid for performing microsurgery. It was the surgical endoscope by which we started to investigate the possibility to experience the skill of microsurgery. Of great importance is that the acceptance of this new technique will financially allow microsurgery to be performed in hospitals unable to afford the expensive microscopes but already having the investment in less costly and more readily available endoscopic equipment. In this project, we have tried to perform vascular microsurgical anastomoses in many of the free-flap cases. The microsurgical anastomoses were possible, easy, within a reasonable time, with good visualization. In the same terms, it is a new indication of the use of endoscopy and its interesting mode of operating, and also a new method for the microsurgical performance providing the needed clear vision without the problems of looking through the ocular pieces of a loupe or a microscope.

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期刊European Journal of Plastic Surgery
出版狀態已出版 - 11 2005


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