Biodegradable cable-tie rapamycin-eluting stents

Cheng Hung Lee, Ming Jer Hsieh, Shang Hung Chang, Chang Lin Chiang, Ching Lung Fan, Shih Jung Liu*, Wei Jan Chen, Chao Jan Wang, Ming Yi Hsu, Kuo Chun Hung, Chung Chuan Chou, Po Cheng Chang


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“Cable-tie” type biodegradable stents with drug-eluting nanofiber were developed to treat rabbit denuded arteries in this study. Biodegradable stents were fabricated using poly-L-lactide film following being cut and rolled into a cable-tie type stent. Additionally, drug-eluting biodegradable nanofiber tubes were electrospun from a solution containing poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid), rapamycin, and hexafluoroisopropanol, and then mounted onto the stents. The fabricated rapamycin-eluting cable-tie stents exhibited excellent mechanical properties on evaluation of compression test and collapse pressure, and less than 8% weight loss following being immersed in phosphate-buffered saline for 16 weeks. Furthermore, the biodegradable stents delivered high rapamycin concentrations for over 4 weeks and achieved substantial reductions in intimal hyperplasia associated with elevated heme oxygenase-1 and calponin level on the denuded rabbit arteries during 6 months of follow-up. The drug-eluting cable-tie type stents developed in this study might have high potential impacts for the local drug delivery to treat various vascular diseases.

期刊Scientific Reports
出版狀態已出版 - 2017


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