Effects of hepatocyte growth factor on porcine mammary cell growth and senescence

Chi Ping Huang, Liang Chih Liu, Hsin Ling Lu, Chih Rong Shyr*


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Background: The porcine mammary glands share morphological and physiological similarities with human ones, making primary porcine mammary cells (PMC) suitable for biomedical research and a potential cellular therapeutic for breast cancer xenogeneic cell immunotherapy. Primary cells isolated from tissues remain the physiological functions of origin tissues but their self-renewal ability is restricted and cells acquire senescence during in vitro expansion. To overcome these drawbacks, here we sought to establish an approach to efficiently increase PMC's in vitro growth. We studied the effects of the hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) to maintain the expansion capacity of porcine mammary cells and identify the possible mechanisms. Purpose: HGF could allow for the increase in vitro proliferation capacity of primary epithelial cells isolated from tissue samples. To effectively produce cells for biomedical research and xenogeneic cell therapy, we planned to study the effects of HGF and its potential mechanisms of action to stimulate cell growth for PMC expansion. Methods: After HGF treatment, the growth, cell cycle, senescence and the cell marker gene expression of PMCs were analyzed in standard 10% FBS and low serum 1% FBS containing medium. Results: HGF significantly enhanced the cell proliferation by shifting the cell cycle population from G1 phase into S phase to increase cell division, reduced the senescent cells and reprogrammed gene expression profiles. Conclusion: We demonstrated that HGF could maintain the expansion capacity of PMCs by increasing cell growth and anti-senescence capability, suggesting its potential application in optimizing the long-term culture of primary cells. Adding a specific growth factor such as HGF in culture allows enhanced expansion of heterogeneous cell populations from normal porcine mammary glandular tissues in vitro. We believe that this cell culture approach will efficiently provide cells for studying mammary cell function and supply cells for therapeutic uses.

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期刊BioMedicine (Netherlands)
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