Elution and mechanical strength of vancomycin-loaded bone cement: In vitro study of the influence of brand combination

Sheng Hsun Lee, Ching Lung Tai, Szu Yuan Chen, Chih Hsiang Chang, Yu Han Chang, Pang Hsin Hsieh

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Antibiotic-loaded bone cement (ALBC) is widely used in orthopaedic surgery for both prevention and treatment of infection. Little is known about the effect of different brand combinations of antibiotic and bone cement on the elution profile and mechanical strength of ALBC. Standardized specimens that consisted of one of the 4 brands of bone cement and one of the 3 brands of vancomycin were fashioned, producing 12 combinations of ALBC. Two dosages of vancomycin in 40g bone cement were used to represent the high (4g vancomycin) and low (1g vancomycin) dose groups. Concentrations of vancomycin elution from ALBC was measured for up to 336 hours. The ultimate compression strength was tested at axial compression using a material testing machine before and after elution. In both highdose and low-dose groups, Lyo-Vancin in PALACOS bone cement resulted in the highest cumulative elution and Vanco in Simplex P bone cement resulted in the lowest elution (458% and 65% higher in high- and low-dose groups, respectively). The mechanical strength was not significantly compromised in all groups with low dose vancomycin (range: 70.31 ± 2.74 MPa to 87.28 ± 8.26MPa after elution). However, with the addition of high dose vancomycin, there was a mixed amount of reduction in the ultimate compression strength after cement aging, ranging from 5% (Vanco in Simplex P, 81.10 ± 0.48 MPa after elution) to 38% (Sterile vancomycin in CMW, 60.94 ± 5.74 MPa after elution). We concluded that the selection of brands of vancomycin and bone cement has a great impact on the release efficacy and mechanical strength of ALBC.

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