Joint coding and embedding techniques for multimedia images

Chin Chen Chang*, Wen Chuan Wu, Yi Hui Chen


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Hiding data in digital images is a technique for secret data communication. It involves embedding important data into a cover image in digital form with minimal perceptible degradation. In this paper, we first propose an improved data hiding method for side-match vector quantization (SMVQ) compressed images, which utilizes the codeword-pairing procedure to modulate the index code of each image block. In order to take it a step further and obtain a larger embedding capacity, we remodel the first proposed method into a new one with the power of variable-rate data embedding through the use of a multiple-base notational system. According to the experimental results, the two proposed methods are indeed capable of providing a larger embedding capacity without causing noticeable distortions of stego-images in comparison with previous methods. Moreover, our methods also maintain a low compression bit-rate without auxiliary data.

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期刊Information Sciences
出版狀態已出版 - 15 09 2008


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